About Grace

Grace Hawkins, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Grace Hawkins, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and I believe in our ability to achieve optimal health and wellbeing… from the inside out.

I am highly enthusiastic about health education and as a self-professed health nerd, I can attest to many years of researching & studying, as well as guest-speaking at numerous events on many exciting health topics. I am devoted to remaining forever curious in my work, because I’ve realised that in our ability to remain the perpetual student, we allow for continual personal growth and evolution, which I love to share.

I am fascinated by the connection between the emotional and the physical body and have many times witnessed the equilibrium & wellbeing that is possible when we learn to listen to ALL aspects of the self.

I am dedicated to providing you with the support, resources and knowledge necessary to achieve thriving health. I use complementary, evidence-based tools and techniques which will set you on your path towards optimal wellbeing… and I am there to walk with you every step of the way. 

Welcome to Personalised Health – you are on your way to real health empowerment, confidence and transformation.

I’m so glad you’re here.