G.R.O.W.I.N.G with Grace

“Each time courage finds its face in the middle of fear, the world grows”

~ Mark Nepo


It’s a funny thing, Growth

It can happen in so many different stages and phases throughout our life and we often barely even recognise it unless it’s blaringly staring us in the face, like for example, watching small children grow from week to week, or seeing a beautiful flower bud and blossom seemingly overnight. My point is that growth is occurring all of the time and it often goes unnoticed until it hits some critical bursts of activity, which can often be met with resistance and fear.


I’ve had a personal experience of being acutely aware of this growth (and fear) over this last month. I birthed a new baby with “The 4 Week Adrenal Recovery Program (ARP)” and that baby is pushing me into a lot more rapid growth than I’ve been aware of for a while! I’ve learnt a lot of new skills over the last 4 weeks including everything from marketing & media to administration of all kinds, spreadsheets, rostering, accounting, filming, editing, sound technician, presenter, facilitator, motivator, trouble shooter…haha the list goes on! And although there’s been a few growing pains (and tears) I can honestly say that it has been one of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences of my life.


Why am I talking about this?


Well life is a funny teacher you see. As I am facilitating this wonderful new program, I’m hearing all sorts of obstacles occurring for the participants in the program. I have to say they are moving through some serious growth right now as well! It’s not an easy journey making such big changes to their lifestyle within a few short weeks. The 4 Week ARP incorporates food as medicine dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, habit breakers, emotional challenges and physical recalibrations. There’s a lot going on! And one of the most outstanding areas of growth that I have witnessed from both a facilitator and participant perspective is how much support is needed during this growth phase!


As a facilitator and participant of the ARP, receiving emotional support to help me understand what is happening and why has been paramount. The support network around me has encouraged me to believe in myself and reminds me to have faith in the process of growth and change, which allows me to meet the challenges I face with eyes wide open and with the courage to keep on going! I’ve been reminded to have a giggle at myself and life, to keep smiling and to take time out for leisure and fun. I’m learning to lean into the uncomfortable moments – where the growth becomes a bit painful & the fear of the unknown can take over- rather than trying to avoid them or shut them down.


As part of the 4 week ARP we’ve created a private FB page where all of the participants can share their joys, like new yummy meals they have created and get inspired by the other participant’s new food finds, recipes and kitchen equipment etc. It is also a space where everyone can share their struggles, like cravings, tiredness or feelings of ill-health and the struggles associated with sticking to the program & having the discipline to not give up or give in to temptations.


This has highlighted to me how valuable group work and community is. When we know or are reminded that we are all in this together, we feel supported and know that we are not alone, which creates a non-verbal motivation and belief in oneself. Feeling this connection allows us to feel that we belong and that what we are experiencing isn’t personal, it’s a part of life and part of being human. it‘s something that others are experiencing whether it is suffering, struggle or joy and peace. This allows us to cultivate loving kindness – firstly for ourselves and our experiences and then to offer that loving kindness out to others and eventually to the whole world (here’s my ultimate motivation).


The technique of loving-kindness is a part of a Buddhist practice called ‘Metta’. Metta is the mental formation and prayers of offering loving-kindness to one’s self and then other people repeatedly over a meditation session; sending positive brain waves and good vibrations to yourself and others is a very healing practice. It allows our busy minds to rest from all of the jobs and lists of things we need to do and have to remember and allows the attention of the mind to rest gently on positive thoughts, cultivating peace, love, kindness and a sense of joy within. All beings suffer at one point in life and it’s nice to know within that suffering that you are not alone. Connection with others (even if it is just through Metta) allows the goodwill to flow forth and these small actions slowly begin to elevate the consciousness of the world.


We are all in a constant state of growth and staying connected helps us to recognise that growth, and support each other through our growing pains… with grace and ease.


I believe in you. I know you can make it through any ‘growth’ or change that occurs in your life. You have the capacity to expand and sometimes all that is needed is some support from a community that ‘gets’ you and what you are going through.


We have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to ‘The 4 Week Adrenal Recovery Program’ and have decided to launch another one in February 2018. I encourage you to join us on the program as the group sessions offer a space to participate and grow with like-minded humans on the quest to live the best life possible, by learning to cultivate vitality, longevity, peace and joy.


We are also in the process of organising some online webinars to give further insights into what happens on the 4 Week ARP, as well as making an online program available for people who would like to do the ARP at any time of the year that suits them best.


There’s SO much to look forward to in the New Year!!!


For now, may your journey be filled with loving-kindness and may you continue to grow with grace & ease.


Much love




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