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Naturopathy is a form of complementary medicine that uses preventative health strategies to support the overall health and wellbeing of the entire body system. It is a system or method of treating illness and disease that employs no surgery or synthetic drugs but uses functional medicine testing, food as medicine, specialised diets, herbal medicine, nutrient therapy, and counselling, where appropriate, to assist the natural healing processes of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Accredited naturopaths have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and undertake extensive training in evidence-based practice.

Nutrition is the science that interprets the nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease of the body. It includes food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism (breakdown) of molecules, and the excretion of waste from the body.

In your consultation, we conduct an analysis of varying areas in order to identify the underlying causation of your health concerns.

Throughout your consultation, we will look at:

  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Health & Lifestyle Goals
  • Past Medical History
  • Family History
  • Energy & Stress Levels
  • Sleep Quality
  • Immune Function
  • Reproductive Health
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Digestion
  • Diet
  • Past Blood Pathology

Using this collective information, we then identify the root cause of the issue and from there begin the application of transformational approaches to restore optimal health function.

We create a personalised report for all clients that is tailored to YOU and your lifestyle, including recommendations and resources that are based on your individual needs. The report includes items such as dietary support, nutrient therapy, lifestyle hacks, resources and a follow up review, to mark your progress and ensure that you are fully supported on your journey.

Just like us, every consult is completely unique! We honour the individuality of all patients and take into consideration any strengths, limitations, lifestyle and current circumstances.

Naturopathy Consultations may include a combination of the following:

  • Detailed Medical Case History
  • Health Timeline
  • Diet Analysis
  • Blood Pathology Review
  • Functional Medicine Testing
  • Goal Assessment
  • Strategies + Solutions

Most Naturopath’s work with the natural cycles of your body and base your healing around the length of blood cycles, which on average is about 120 days as this is how long it takes for every red blood cell in your body to renew itself (roughly 4 months). For this reason, it will be likely that you will need to revisit your naturopath for follow-up consultations at certain intervals throughout the 4-month period to make sure you are on track to reaching your health goals.

As each person is completely individual there are no set timelines for healing. Some body systems will need longer than others to reach their optimal health and this will be dependent on many factors that your naturopath will discuss with you in your consultation.

Yes, for nutritional consultation only and only if it is covered by your private health fund – please check with your private health insurer before booking your appointment.

*Please note that nutritional consultations are not the same as dietitian.

When booking please state if you are wanting a nutritional or naturopathic consultation. 

Medicare does not cover Naturopathic or nutritional consultations.

If you can’t tolerate the taste of the herbs, there are plenty of tablet options available. I love liquid herbs, but I totally get that not everyone else does. I always aim to work to you and your individual needs so please let me know within your consultation.

Certain herbs and nutrients can interact with medications, so it’s important that you let me know what medications you are taking within our consultation. I always check any possible interactions before prescribing anything. Some medications can contribute towards nutritional deficiencies, so this is also something I take into consideration when making up your treatment plan.

Of course! Many women seek naturopathic help during pregnancy for conditions such as morning sickness, energy levels, nutrient support, reflux, gestational diabetes and more. It can also be helpful in improving your general health during pregnancy, which is passed on to the health of bub as well!

I ensure that anything you are taking is safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding, giving you peace of mind.

To offer my clients the best service possible, I only schedule a set amount of consultations per day, and for this reason, to reschedule or cancel an appointment all changes need to be made before 3 pm the day before your consultation. This is the amount of time required to rebook the appointment with clients on the waiting list. Cancellations made after 3 pm the day before your appointment or failing to show up for a scheduled appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Rescheduling & cancellations are required to be made by 3pm the day before your consultation to avoid a cancellation fee.

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