EMF (Electromagnetic Field) protection

AiresTech – devices for phones, computers, wearable protections and whole room & house protection. Use my code HEALTHWITHGRACEEMF to get your 15% discount here

The AiresTech microprocessor is composed of nearly 1.2 million microscopic etchings that create a circular lattice to diffract the EMR waves. The outer, gold antenna captures the energy from surrounding EMF to power the passive microprocessor. Manufactured with state of the art microlithography equipment. Tested by 3rd party researchers which have proven the neutralizing capability of the technology. The microprocessor modulates chaotic EMR, transforming the waves and creating a coherent EMF similar to our biological radiation.

It does not block the radiation but restructures it to neutralize any physiological impact. Any EMR waves that pass through the effective range mimic the modulated EMF created by the product

Clean drinking & shower water filters

The Water Shop (North Coast): Please call 02 66 808 200 and quote ‘HealthwithGrace’ to get your quote for the best water filtration system to suit your needs.

For filtration options please see the website

Blue light blockers from screens

TrueDark – Blue blocking and artificial light (junk light) blocking glasses. Use my code ‘HealthwithGraceTrueDark’ to get your 15% discount here

Overexposure to artificial light or “junk light” results in major disruptions to our sleep patterns, and can affect our overall health. Blocking blue light from screen time with premium blue blocking and artificial light (junk light) blocking glasses has been shown to support better sleep quality, increased sleep length, increased focused performance & concentration, and decreased eye fatigue.

Fulvic minerals

Fulvic minerals by The Natural Edge: Use my direct link below to receive 25% discount on all 90 & 120 days product packages only:

Fulvic minerals are a gut-strengthening mineral supplement that naturally support the microbiome balance. It repairs the circuits & integrity within your gut cell walls and has been shown to support the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining, even when there is damage from environmental toxins. It is safe for both adults and kids.

  • Dose for Adults = 10-20mls daily. Take with good quality filtered water 30 mins away from food & other supplements in the AM.
  • Dose for kids = 5 drops per day for 1x week, then increase to 10 drops per day for another week and slowly build up to 5mls (which is 1x tsp) daily if tolerated.
  • Take with good quality filtered water 0 mins away from food & other supplements in the AM & reduce the dose by half if you have any strong reactions.