Superfoods Series – Maca Powder

As we are making our way through one of the hardest times of the year – the middle of winter!- Keeping the immune system strong is essential. One of the most effective ways of supporting our body’s immune system is by delivering it high levels of bio-available nutrients daily. One of the best way to get bio-available nutrients (which simply means nutrients that the body system can recognise and absorb easily) is through whole foods and Superfoods in particular. The reason for this is that Superfoods, as the name suggests, are super concentrated in high quality nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This means that our body system has greater capacity to up take these essential nutrients easily if we incorporate Superfoods into our diet daily, therefore increasing the capacity for our body system to rebuild, repair and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

We are going to be delivering a series of nutritional profiles on some of the best and most available Superfoods for you to get to know and start incorporating into your daily diet. The first Superfood in this series is Maca powder. Please see the tabloe below to get your fill!

Your in peace, health and wellbeing

Grace Hawkins

Nutritional Profile

Maca Powder


What is it?

Maca comes from the root of a staple grain and is ground down into a   powder/ flour type form. It is a versatile root that has been used for thousands   of years and is now one of the most popular nutritional supplements on the   market. It is indicated for a variety of different health aliments and maca   root is now known as an excellent all-around superfood that’s worthy of a   privileged place in your pantry.


Where does it come from?

Maca originates from Peru in South America and is also grown in other   parts of the world

How can I use it?

Maca root has a malty/nutty type flavour so can be enjoyed in baked   goods, pressed into capsules, blended into smoothies or juices, or used as an   earthy flavouring or thickening agent in various dishes. Gently cooking maca   powder into porridge or other prepared meals can help make digestion easier. A   diet supplemented with maca powder can help deliver a higher amount of   important vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids.


What are the health benefits?

Maca root delivers a beneficial amount of plant-based protein. Around   8% of maca root is dietary fibre, and a small yet important amount of fatty   acids and essential amino acids (of which 18 out of 20 are present).

Vitamins B1, B2, and B3, along with small quantities of C, E, and B6   are present in maca root.

Maca root has a diverse and abundant supply of essential minerals and   other important nutrients which can help improve the health of red blood   cells and may also improve blood flow throughout the body. Maca root is also   sometimes used to boost mood and general well-being.

Maca root’s interaction with the central nervous system and the   root’s potential to help the body regulate hormone levels make it a wonderful   superfood addition to your diet.


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